Sunday, January 28, 2007

ASO Project Week 2

This past week, our PR campaigns group created a survey and a type of event that would help out the Athens Symphony. We decided that the best way to increase community envolvement would be to have the ASO hold a benefit concert for some organization. We were thinking of the PPA. Also, the survey we created has a good mix of questions that will help us get to some answers as to how the performers feel about the organization.

I'm going to attend the PR World event on February 16th in order to do some networking. I would love to get some attention from some corporate people. I believe that will be the best start for me. I'm hoping the Masters will help me in the long run. I don't think anyone is going to be extending me any offers or any interviews since I won't be graduating until August, but maybe people will remember me down the road. I need to do some revisions on my resume, but it'll be fine. Until next time...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

My Introduction

This blog is intended to express my views, questions, concerns, and hopes for the future in PR. To give you readers (if I ever get any) some background on myself, I received a degree in music performance last summer and decided to go a different route and get a masters in public relations. Therefore, I had no schooling or experience in PR before I got into school. The May before I started my masters I got an internship with a music media relations company. That really helped me get a start in PR. Once I got into school I was LOST. haha. I had no idea what people were talking about in my PR theory class. However, because of some good teaching and some good friends who helped me out I caught up. Enough of that...this blog is actually a requirement for my PR Campaigns course. Therefore, I'll talk mainly about my groups client issues. We had our first meeting on Friday. We have been given the assignment to try and increase the amount of string players and chorus members in the Athens Symphony Orchestra. This doesn't seem like it is going to be too easy. The main thing we are going to have to do is get perspective members from outside of Athens. I think most people who would want to play for the ASO would be worried about the time commitment, but after talking to the directors we found that it isn't really too bad of a commitment. We have another meeting tomorrow that will hopefully answer more questions and get a plan started.

In other news, I am very interested in sports PR. I have been going to Georgia sporting events for the better part of my life and I always wanted to be apart of all of that. However, after doing some work with the women's basketball team I have found that I will have to sacrifice my ability to be a fan in order to have that job. I'm not sure I would want to do that. I'm a really really really big fan of Georgia sports and I don't want to have to give that up. Therefore, I'm looking more towards doing corporate PR. Honestly, I'll do whatever I can...haha. Oh well, until next time...